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Trade Secret, Trademark & Trade Dress Litigation

CRAWFORD, WISHNEW & LANG represents companies seeking to protect their most confidential technical, financial and business information - that is, the information that provides the company its most important competitive advantages. Because these trade secrets are often among the companies’ most valued assets, we work diligently to ensure that these secrets are protected from loss to competitors. Our representations include:

-A nationwide hospitality company in successfully prosecuting misappropriation of trade secrets claims against its former employees. Obtained substantial settlement on our clients behalf the day after taking the main defendants' depositions.


​​-A restaurant group in a trade dress infringement case to prevent competitor from copying the client’s unique design. Negotiated a favorable settlement that resulted in the competitor agreeing to make substantive changes its existing restaurants.


-A local distillery in a case involving theft of trade secrets and trademark infringement. Defeated applications for injunctions.


​-A renowned European aircraft interior designer in successfully protecting our client's intellectual property from being misappropriated.

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