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Probate, Trust, Estates & Fiduciary Litigation

CRAWFORD, WISHNEW & LANG represents clients seeking to protect and enforce rights and interests in trusts and estates litigation. We've mastered the procedures and the uniquely-personal considerations related to probate, trust and estate disputes, which often involve claims for breach of fiduciary duty, self-dealing and will and trust contests and claims related to estate administration and distribution.

We employ assertive yet thoughtful strategies aimed at securing the best result, while being mindful of your personal goals and priorities, including the common desire for discrete and private resolutions in matters involving family relationships. Our representations include:

-The beneficiaries of three family trusts in a suit against the trustee for breach of fiduciary duty. Obtained a seven-figure judgment against the trustee, who was also indicted for felony misapplication of fiduciary property.

-A trust beneficiary in a case where the defendant was the other beneficiary and acted as trustee. The defendant abused his position of control as trustee to the detriment of the client and disproportionately used the trust assets for his own personal benefit. Confidentially settled the dispute before filing a lawsuit that resulted in removing the defendant as trustee of the joint trusts, partitioning the trusts, transferring trust assets to a corporate trustee, and reallocating more than $10 million of trust funds to compensate our client.

-Brothers who, after inheriting restaurant assets, spent 25 years building those assets into a highly-successful restaurant chain. A sibling, who took an inheritance in cash and spent it, sought a share of the business her brothers built. Attorneys prevailed in protecting the clients’ assets.

-An elderly woman bringing claims against her broker for breach of fiduciary duty (including allegations of account churning). Obtained a significant settlement without filing suit.

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